Monday, April 23, 2007

Mid year exam!?duh!

i have to admit it! i have to face the facts! I just have to believe that the mid year exam is right in the corner! I have to study and do revision a lot but yet I still don’t make a move. I probably got to spoil my marks badly! Arggh..i just don’t know what am I doing. i suppose to be in my bedroom studying instead of seating in front of pc updating my blog. Ehem..really. :P I’m tired of exam actually! Right now I’m listening to 911, don’t make me wait. The song is so beautiful. Well.. Somehow, I feel like the lyric is turned into nightmare!! I feel like the exam is reaching for me n say don’t make me wait 1 more day!!! Ohhh… I don’t like it. The exam is bothering me too much. I guess I have to start going to library to study start from tomorrow. But!!! The library is close! Plus I have to wear blazer and I would definitely in sweat if I’m not coming home tomorrow. The whether is kindda bad lately. TOO HOT! That’s it! Have a rest for today!  but that is me. I used to say like that but then, the examination is on next week. I have to change! Seriously. I’m a very lazzzzzyyyyy girl. Too bad I’m not like my sisters! My mother also loves to say such things like this. I’m the most stubborn and daring one in my family. I’m cannot control myself when I am angry. It happens when I’m going to explode. Well…enough for that! Have to study, study n study!!! Duh!


autumn_tears said...

sabo wan.. ok..relakss.... tarik nafas..... lepas....

ok..kita kena start gerak gempur dr sembang2..say no!!

ok...azam... keputusan kita berdua akn lebih baik dr kali ini!!!! all A's!!!!


Wan Syafiqa said...

yea..ok thanks for the wish! dh la sains pown...markah teruk!!aaaa!!!