Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Comic advertisement?

i'm kindda disappointed with my marks.expecially when it comes to maths n english. i got good grade in english but still it is not what i excpect to be. i have a feeling that it's not good as before. my maths mark is totally disappointed me!really.i don't know why i did so many careless mistakes.i believe that i can do better that this! two sisters will give me lecture after this! sister syamimi will surely scold me for having a baaaaaaad result in maths! on the other hands, sister syakira will give me any kind of lecture for not having a good results as hers before. yeah the two of them have their own speciality. syamimi is good at science and maths while syakira is good at literature and english. they just put me on stress. most of the teachers in my school now that i'm a the sister's of them so they want me to be as good or even better than them. both of them are best students in school! how can i be like them or even BETTER than them? tell me!? anyway, today chew makes some crazy thing! act, sue, chew n me were reading an advertisement about a comic competiton. we were planning so long to enter a comic competiton but unluckily we did not bring any note book with us so the crazy things that chew did is STEAL the advertisment for a second and then run away! wow! how daring is that girl. my mouth was hanging open at that time..but finally now she said that she won't stick up the advertisment again.that makes me totally afraid. Pray to Allah that ckg will not mention anything about that.

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