Saturday, April 28, 2007

Don't want to waste the precious time! :(

Gosh!! yesterday, i went to bed late. i mean i would never want to waste the precious time with my sisters. they were coming back from KL yesterday at around 6 pm. then, i went to English tuition. i went late to that class as i watched my sister's fanvid with yamapi. Her friend even edit a video about American next top model consits of 7 contestants including her.they are so real!!anyway, i enjoy both clips! :) then, i went for a dinner with my family. I was ssoooooooo full! really. :)today, early in the morning, Lina came to my house as her mother disable to sent her to tuition so she was going with me. Act, miss p-vier, i would never expect that you will attend the same tuition as mine. :) It all happen because of the incident yesterday!!whoa..crazy us!!kichigaii!! :P i was really relief after the science lesson. they were rushing out of class! heart was beating so fast!! thanked god, they did not notice them.Neddy, ona n nadzi went to tuition with a slumber!!well...i did an aerobic today with my sister. kinda tired but fun! :)


Lina Abdul Jalil said...

sian ko penat :(
a'ah ar wan...mmg kerjer gile smlam!
aku just nk amik CHEESY WEDGES!!
tp mum aku daftar terus..waduhh..
but it's's fun ! :D
mmmg menakutkn ms diorg selamber jer msuk kan..hahhaa...
dh ar aku tarik ko n sume pndang aku...whoaaaaaaaa!
malu giler!!!
aku x leh luper arr smlm tuh...fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
errrmmmmm...i'm so confius right now lol.. :s

Wan Syafiqa said...

hak hak hak...nasib baik aku x terbokang kt dpn kelas tue ko tau x..ko dh la tarik aku kuat mcm nk ape..ayo!! hehehe...betul2..sian ko.nk amik chezzy wedges tetibe plak kene daftar trus.hahaha...ko konpius psl ape?